The Bustier? Really? THAT'S Your Problem with Wonder Woman?

Date 2011/3/31 12:54:14 | Topic: Sven Rants

 Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman get a costume make-over.It never ceases to amaze me that after seventy years, people still can't get past Wonder Woman's bustier.

 "How can she fight in that?"

"That costume is completely impractical."

"No way.  Her breasts would pop out."

Really?  That's your problem?  You can get past the invisible jet and the bullet-deflecting bracelets and the Lasso of Truth, but not her top?  Ridiculous.  It's called "suspension of disbelief."  You exercise it almost every single day of your life when you watch your favorite cop shows or sitcoms.

Let's not forget the other superheroes you embrace without such scrutiny.

No one seems to question how Spider-Man can catch a woman falling from a building at terminal velocity without her splitting in half or her internal organs being pushed out of her mouth.

You don't question Iron Man carrying enough fire-power to take out a tank and not suffering from any recoil whatsoever.

I haven't heard a single person ask how Batman can carry fifty pounds of armor and a preposterously large cape and still manage to fight with the precision of a ninja.

And Superman?  Don't even get me started.

So let it go.  Enjoy the eye-candy.  Let your heterosexual male friends enjoy the eye-candy.  Let your homosexual female friends enjoy the eye-candy.  It's a costume in a fantasy.  She's supposed to be gorgeous and sexy. 

Embrace the wonder.

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