Why am I not Rich?
The Latest but not Necessarily Greatest
Stuff That Warrants Me Being Rich
Biffy - The Comic Biffy Comics

A Hilarious Comic Praised by King Features...

Yet, they still didn't publish it. The late Jay Kennedy (the man with the final say in what's good and what's not even wrote me a personal note about how much he loved it. Then he said he wasn't sure if he could find the strip an audience!

Why Am I Not Rich?
The Sven and Angus ShowThe Sven and Angus Show

Puppets for the Thinking Man...

The Sven and Angus Show has a modest following of about 10,000 crazy Facebook fans. Don't ask why the Grim Reaper and the toy ventriloquist dummy Willie Talk are best friends and share an apartment. That's not for you to understand...

Why Am I Not Rich?
10 Seconds With Jesus10 Seconds With Jesus

Some Cartoons are Just Wrong for All the Right Reasons

The cartoon series "10 Seconds With Jesus" is quite possibly the funniest idea I've ever come up with. It makes people uncomfortable and that's what makes it truly hysterical. See what developed with Rum Runners' co-owner Angus and voice-over/ad-libber extraordinaire Lord Horatio Puks.

Why Am I Not Rich?
Popeye ComicsThe Pursuit of Popeye-ness

In 1992, the planets (even Pluto) were all aligned and pointed squarely at me and my fellow cartoonist Bruce Quast. 

One fateful day, Bobby London, the artist and writer of the daily version of the Popeye comic strip, dropped the ball so hard it hit people in China.

Bruce and I took action...

Why Am I Not Rich?
Batman Illustration Oh, Yes, He can Draw

My Art Adorns Many Bar Wall... and a Lot of Packaging, Too.

I've been a freelance illustrator for about as long as I could hold a pencil. These days, holding a pencil for long periods of time is a little more difficult, but I still have the eye. Check out my ever increasing online gallery.

Why Am I Not Rich?
Popeye prosthetic make-upPopeye Prosthetics

Another idea that almost came to fruition but didn't is a foam rubber chin. Popeye's chin to be exact.

Several years ago I created this costume by casting my head and sculpting the enormous chin, nose and brow.  By using a rigid but highly aerated latex compound I was able to keep the chin light and pliable so that it would move with my own lips and jaw, but could also be held on with only a little spirit gum and not be uncomfortable.

Don't Hoard Me
The Vikings In Black
Vikings In Black
The Greatest Snow Sculpting Team in the World
Check out what Sven does for fun. No really. Snow sculpting is actually in the Winter Olympics, so don't laugh. Well, you can laugh at the helmets... and the other ridiculous stuff I do with Bjorn and Thorfinn.
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Big Red Nose
Big Red Nose
Tom Waits Would Be Proud
This short video is a throwback to the 70's lounge singers. Released at Christmas with "send to a friend" capabilities, this Muppet-esque video should have made everyone involved very wealthy.
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